Beautiful Confessions From The Bath Tub

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Yesterday seemed a pretty good day for all of us. I went into our bathroom at 5:45 in the morning to say goodbye to Karie before I went off to work. She was doing her hair and getting ready for the day. I hugged her, told her I loved her, that there were new graces in store for her today, and that God’s thoughts were not our thoughts and His ways were not our ways. She began to cry heavily in my arms. I held her for a while, wiped the tears from her eyes and headed out the door sure the day would be very trying on my beloved.

My days this week have been busy. The company I work for hired a new service technician that had been out at my job for the week so far. Most of my thoughts have been centered around him, the work, and helping to acclimate him to the ways of Egan Company. Typically I work alone, and often have some down time around lunch where I can read, pray, and think, and write a bit. This hasn’t been the case this week, and it is probably God’s provision for me to keep occupied.

Karie was busy most of the day with homeschooling, picking up co-op food, heading off to piano lessons, bible study, and drivers-ed for Ali. When we met at home at dinner time, she was good and had sweetness in her eyes.

Karie was giving Sammy a bath before bed and he told her that he didn’t want our babies to die. He said he was sad that we can’t have them in our house. He wanted to play with the baby, hold the baby, hand the baby toys, read to the baby, hug and also kiss them. He said “I do not like this mommy.” Karie had sent me a text which said what I just wrote. I was down in my office studying for youth group. I came up and asked Sammy a question to get him speaking again. He told me the same things. I told him that I understood, that I didn’t like it either, and that this is the way that God wants it though. Then our dog Froto came in and began licking him on the the face. He started laughing like crazy. Subject changes happen frequently in our home.

This morning I had a surprise visit from my son. He decided he wanted to get up early with his dad and eat cereal together. The simple joys of life.

JESUS is on the throne and reigns in the hearts of men. Blessings to you today.



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