Tempting Our Lack Of Self-Control

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“so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” – 1 Corinthians 7:5b

The context of course is speaking of the basic human need for a man to have his own wife, and a wife to have her own husband. If they do not, there is a very high risk that this single individual will fall into all sorts of sexual sin because of their lack of self-control. It is better for them to marry, and therefore not fall into this sin.

Yet, in general, our text reminds us that Satan works over-time in tempting us to sin when we lack self-control. Self-control is the ability to govern oneself according to the Word of God and for the glory of God. Much of the world displays self-control. Yet how could they have the fruit of the Spirit if indeed the Holy Spirit does not dwell them? The unbeliever may be able to govern themself to great degree, yet they can not govern themselves according to the principles in the Scripture, and for God’s glory and not their own. These are things that only come from the Holy Spirit.

Begin praying for the increased grace of self-control. For without it, you will be hit with an onslaught of the devil’s weapons. He temps us because of our lack of self-control.

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