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Proverbs 15:7 HCSB

The lips of the wise broadcast knowledge, but not so the heart of fools.

Do you listen to radio broadcasts; music or talk? If so, are they broadcast from the lips of the wise or the lips of fools? We can apply this text in a couple of ways.

If the lips of the wise broadcast knowledge, then the ears of the wise will listen to their broadcast. If the lips of fools broadcast non-knowledge (say smut talk, gossip, rumors, sensual music), then the ears of the foolish will listen to their broadcast. Do the ears of the wise have any business listening to the lips of fools (other than maybe discernment reasons for a season)? I am thinking “no,” and this has been convicting me as I have been pondering this verse since yesterday.

I am in my service van at least two hours a day. Most of the time I am in silence and listen to nothing. I have an app on my phone that reads text to me. Some mornings or evenings I will listen to the blog posts or news articles I have saved for future reading. Some days, I listen to the Bible. Yesterday, for example, I listened to a sermon from John MacArthur preaching from Colossians. Sometimes though I will listen to a country station, an 80’s rock station, or a news talk station. I seldom listen to the music stations for more than a couple of days in a row because my conscience grabs me from all the immoral music that is played (especially modern country K102). Country music has recently morphed into a dream world where women wearing painted on jeans, sip suds in the back of a chevy, and can’t help kiss Luke Brian every time a certain song comes on the radio. The music is anti-family and anti-marriage. It never used to be this way and personally I struggle a bit to let it go. The music itself is pleasing to my ears if it weren’t for those pesky bad words.

So, today’s blog post is really for me and maybe my example will guide my children in the future. I am giving up listening to music put out from the lips of fools. It may mean quieter commutes, or it may mean my Jonny Cash pandora radio station is going to get more play time in the future 🙂

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