8-11-13 — Sibling Relationships


8.11.13 — Sibling Relationships

Proverbs 7:4-5
Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” And call understanding your nearest kin, That they may keep you from the immoral woman, From the seductress who flatters with her words.
Wisdom keeps you from sin. Simple enough to understand right? But I am interested in this verse because of what it says to us about the role of siblings in our lives. These verses are expressing to us that siblings are suppose to be so close that one will keep another one from falling into sin. This is a precious thought. Let me apply this a little.
  1. Siblings are to keep one another from sin.
  2. Siblings must be close enough to one another to recognize temptations for each other.
  3. A sibling is sometimes able to discern/understand a situation better then a sister or brother alone can. 
  4. A sibling can look objectively at a situation so as not to be misled by the emotions of any particular temptation.
  5. The sibling that is the closest in age is to be the protector of the other (note: the father and mother are primary protectors, this study is just regarding siblings).
  6. Both siblings are to acknowledge to one another that they are each other’s protectors.
  7. If siblings are separated, the protection is removed. Therefore siblings relationships are to be primary relationship while they are under the same roof. 
Jesus sent his disciples out two by two. These were grown men who needed each other for protection and accountability. Siblings are intended by God to guard and protect one another. Siblings, while under the same roof, are to be the primary relationship for fellowship. Friends are to be the secondary relationship. That being the case, friends are not to be a cause of separation between siblings. If a sister or brother is in a situation where they must choose either their friend or sibling, they are to choose their sister or brother always! This does not mean that a sister or brother can not do things apart from one another. There is a place for like-minded friendships, but these relationships are to be subordinate to sibling unity.
Illustration: Two siblings have a mutual friend over to the house. This friend has more in common with one of the siblings then the other. The one sibling must never separate from the other on account of the friend seeking to divide the sibling relationship. If one sibling finds more in common with the friend then their sibling, they must still not choose the friend over the sibling. 

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