Mercy Update 12/23/14

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Time ticks on as Christmas draws near. Things are slow here in the David home. The Lord has been sweetly sustaining us as we wait for the time of Mercy's earthly journey to be through. The times of crying seem farther and farther apart, yet we know that a fresh time of sorrow is soon approaching. Karie is becoming more and more uncomfortable as she pushes 31 weeks. Her body creaks, groans, and continuously reminds her of the 41 years she has been walking the planet. Yesterday I came into the kitchen to find her on her hands and knees trying to dust under the stove. I'm like "what are you doing?" She just looked at me and said, "it's bugging me under there."

We will be making another doctor appointment sometime in early January. Karie mentioned to me that Mercy's movements seem less forceful and less frequent. Thank you again and again for all of your support and prayers for us through this time. We feel very blessed as we rest upon the solid Rock of Christ.


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