The Creation Of A Home: Daily Reading. Genesis 1.1-31

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Fifteen years ago we built the home we live in now. At that time my wife and I only had two kids. Now we have a total of six people under this roof, and more than likely the two who were here from the beginning will find their wings and fly off on their own soon.

If I were a single man I would not have built this house. I built it to provide a safe place for my beloved wife and for my growing family to live. I built it to grow memories in the minds who dwell here. I built it so we would have a place to enjoy, serve, and love one another. It is a place where we cry, laugh, and learn hard things about one another. It is a training ground to make our place here on earth, and also a sanctuary from the world when it throws it’s daggers. This is our home.

As I read Genesis chapter one today, I wondered why did God create the world. He is a Father after all. Did he have some of the same motives I had when I built my home?

Genesis 1 shows us of an amazingly creative God who speaks into existence what he desires to see. He brings forth what he commands, and he commands what he desires. The things he makes are wonderful and they show so much of what this Creator is like. We don’t need to be confused over the origin of the earth, or of mankind. It is spelled out for us here in the pages of Scripture.

So why did God make the world? Colossians 1:16 tells us that ”all things were created through him [Jesus] and for him”. If God were not Trinitarian, I doubt he would have ever created the world. Why would he? Colossians tells us he made the world for his son Jesus. He made it to be a place for his family to dwell. A place for us to enjoy, serve, and love one another; and a training ground for truth.

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