Meditating On Eternal Truth: Psalm 1

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Here is a link to an online version of Psalm 1 for your pleasure.

Defining words is critical to understanding everyday and eternal truth. If you were to turn on the television and watch for a while, you would hear someone speaking about the benefits of meditation. But are they talking about the same kind of meditation the writer of Psalm 1 has in mind?

Meditation is a verb meaning to ponder, to groan, to speak, to mutter or murmur to one’s self. But the intention is not vague concepts, or irrational thoughts. Meditation has an object in mind, and that object of meditation is the Word of God; the truths of Scripture.

The Bible teaches that the person who takes the time to meditate on the Word of God daily will be happy, fruitful, and stable. He or she will have the kind of father-child relationship with the Lord that secures an internal blissful heart which grounds and stabilizes during life’s trials and temptations. Those who do not take the time to meditate on the Word are like chaff; the useless part left over after the threshing of wheat. They will not have the roots or the grounding to stabilize them in this life of the next.

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