The Pathway Of Psalms

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This last week we finished going through Marty Machowski’s book TheOlogy as a family. It was good and I highly recommend it to any family.

My wife’s (Karie) grandmother Dorothy passed into heaven in October of 2011. She was one of the sweetest women I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She read her Bible every morning. Reading the Bible daily is not foreign to me as I have done that as well for the past 15 years. The curious thing to me about her reading selection is that she never moved outside the book of Psalms. Maybe she ventured out other times when I was not around, but her bookmark always stayed within 150 chapters. I have read the book of Psalms, but to my shame I have never nestled in and made the book my home. During one of our seasons of suffering, Karie followed her Grandmother’s example and found her comfort in the nest of Psalms. Today I am deciding to start at Psalm 1 and stroll the path with my family. We will be vacationing soon and so the posts will trickle in rather slow. But I hope you will join us as we see what we can find together on the pathway of Psalms.

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