The Universe And God

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I was talking with a person yesterday who is dear to my heart. This person grew up learning about the God of Scripture. She recently attempted suicide and wants nothing to do with the Lord. She rejects the idea that “God” did not see her time on earth as done and had other plans for her. She was spoken to from an individual who mentioned that the “universe” did not let her commit suicide, and must have further plans for her life. She instantly embraced that idea, and I am wondering why. Why is it easier to accept the idea that the universe has desires for the person to live rather than God desiring it?

The God of Scripture does not sit passively by waiting for us to guess what he is like. On the contrary he articulated his character, and his demands on his creatures. In short, he tells us how we should live. The “universe” makes no demands on our life and does not tell us what we ought to do. It just let’s things be and leaves it up to us to put the pieces together. I guess it is easier to believe the “universe” has plans for my life, but does not tell me what they are. It is harder to embrace the idea that the God who made the universe has plans for my life and wants me to read his instructions in the Bible, submit to the Lordship of his Son Jesus, and obey the things written. Yes, that is much harder isn’t it. It’s harder only because it makes me humble myself under an authority instead of remaining in authority myself. O my heart aches.

1 comments on “The Universe And God”

  1. Scott,
    When I read this post my heart too aches. Many people who we love dearly believe the concept
    about the “universe” being in control and not God. That makes them feel more comfortable. The “universe” won’t judge them for rejecting Jesus Christ. But God will. Praying for all our loved ones❤️❤️

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