A Lot Rests On God

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Psalms 62:7 On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God.

When our kids were littler they would fight about which child owned their momma. One would say “she’s my mommy,” and the other would say “no, she’s my mommy.” Then we would try to explain to them that there was enough of mommy to go around. “You are both hers, and she is equally both yours.”

A lot rests on God. On him rests our salvation and our deliverance. On him rests our glory and our eternal exhalation. On him rests our strength and our protection, our foundation and our hiding place. King David, Job, and Joseph all told us in the Scriptures that they had “glory”. It seems the more people you are responsible for, or the more people depend upon you, the more glory you deserve if you are good at your job. Parents are responsible for their children. Ideally a home has both a mother and a father to share responsibility. My heart goes out to all homes who have only one parent for the children to rest upon. That is both hard for the child and the parent.

All of creation rests upon the Lord. He deserves all glory because everything and every person rests upon him for their deliverance, their glory, their strength, and their protection. We are meant to have others depend upon us in part, but not in totality. We were not created to be those kind of load bearers. We are to be pointers and directors to the one who brings about adoption into God’s family; namely to Jesus Christ.

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