Ancient Truths Ever New

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For the past couple of months, we have been going through a book called “The-Ology” by Marty Machowski. It is written in short and easily digestible sections which work well for the family that does not have much time to sit together nightly under the Word. The book is divided into eleven sections. Here is a link to the book.

  • The-Ology of God
    The-Ology of People
    The-Ology of Sin
    The-Ology of the Promise and the Law
    The-Ology of Christ
    The-Ology of the Holy Spirit
    The-Ology of Adoption into God’s Family
    The-Ology of Change
    The-Ology of the Church
    The-Ology of End Times
    The-Ology of God’s Word

We are currently in the category of Change as a family. As we near the end of the book, I have been thinking about writing devotionals again. I do not really have the time to write daily, but we will see what the Lord gives me time for. We also have been going through trial after trial over the past few years. Looking back I see God’s strong arm supporting us; yet my eyes of faith gloss over at times and my vision is milky instead of clear. I pray the Lord enables me to write myself clear, lead with purpose, and build up any who might want to read along.

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