God Is Mine

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Deuteronomy 7:9 Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,


  • Know: to learn, perceive, or be skillful (especially knowing relationally)
  • LORD: yhwh, the self-existent eternal one
  • God: Elohim
  • Faithful: established, trustworthy, and supportive
  • Keeps: to hedge about and guard
  • Covenant: agreement, treaty, or alliance
  • Steadfast love (from God): merciful and faithful kindness
  • Love (from us): to have affection
  • Commandments: law, precepts

Theology (the study of God) is so important. The more we know and understand about God, the greater chance we have of remaining steadfast as we journey through this life.

The Lord is eternal and self-existent. He has never not had existence. He needs nothing outside of himself to remain or continue to be. We on the other hand are dependent every moment of our lives. We do not keep our own heart beating, our mind thinking, or our eyes blinking. We are dependent upon him to produce air for our lungs, food for our bellies, and warmth for our living. He never tires or grows weary. His eye of love has been upon humanity ever since he first breathed life into our first parents. He knows everything about us, and everything to come for us.

This eternal God is faithful. It is impossible for him to lie or renegotiate a promise. He knows everything, and therefore can never “gain new information” which might cause him to change. What he says, he will do; he can not deny himself.

Our verse today encourages us to know, to learn, to have the skill of understanding that this self-existent, eternal, and faithful Lord of the universe is mine. And he is yours if you have come to him through faith in his son Jesus Christ. God always does what he says, but will not always do what we ask. He is faithful to himself and to the promises he has made to his children.

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