Defining Adjectives For My Son

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Yesterday Karie and I were driving home from the store with my five year old son Sammy. Most kids are curious about the things they see (nouns), and constantly ask “why”. My son does this constantly. Yesterday though, he began a new challenge of asking his parents to define adjectives. Here is how the conversation went:
Sammy: “Dad, what does especially and including mean?”

Dad: “Um, including means to be accepted in a group or gathering.”

Sammy: blank stare.

Dad: “If our neighbor was having a pool party and invited you, he would include you in the people he has coming to the party.”

Sammy: blank stare.

Dad: “If you gave me a bag of toys, I might ask you if you also included the rubix cube in the bag; make sense?”

Sammy: slight nod

Dad: “Especially means to select one object from a group. An example is you may say to me that you like jelly beans, but especially love the orange ones.” Make sense?

Sammy: “I don’t understand”

Dad: (downcast face) “It’s an adjective.”

Sammy: “What’s an adjective?”

Dad: “It describes a noun.”

Sammy: “What’s a noun?”

Dad: “A person, place, thing, or idea.”

Sammy: “I don’t understand.”

Dad: “Mommy is teaching you to read. After you learn to read, you will understand what nouns and adjectives are.”

Sammy: blank stare

Dad: (looking at Karie) Most kids don’t ask their parents to describe adjectives. This is hard.

Mom: “I am so glad you are with. I would have given up a long time ago.”


1 comments on “Defining Adjectives For My Son”

  1. Karie, I laughed and laughed and laughed, WITH you! 🙂 I would have given up a long time ago too. Thanks, Scott. Karie and Scott, love having your son in class Wednesday nights! Great picture of Sammy.

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