The Heart Of The Wise Acquires Knowledge

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The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out. -Proverbs 18:15 NIV

A person walking down the wise path (the path that leads to eternal life), will have certain qualities which will mark their life. These qualities are not the things which earn a person favor with God. Those who have been placed on the wise path through salvation have certain characteristics which mark their walk. The first quality I will mention today is that those on the wise path will seek to acquire knowledge.


Most everybody learns some things in their life. I mean, even the fool doesn’t always remain ignorant regarding subjects of their choosing. But an overarching banner over the life of the christian should be that they are a learner, they are a person who acquires knowledge. They are never content in remaining ignorant of God, nor of his world.

This principle looks differently in each and every person. Some will make great leaps, and some will take baby steps. Some will have access to millions of resources with unlimited time to learn. And some will have only have ten seconds to glance at a scrap of the scriptures. Whatever circumstance the Lord has placed you in, if you are on the wise path, you will acquire knowledge of God and his world.

Christians should be the greatest theologians. But they should also be the greatest doctors, lawyers, nurses, plumbers, veterinarians, bankers, athletes, home makers, and students on earth! What can you learn today? When you look over the past month of your life, do you see a pattern where your hearts desire was to learn? Or do you see a pattern where your heart desired to remain ignorant? Do you think you know enough? Or do you have a holy kind of restlessness because you know you don’t nearly know what you should?

Do the sign posts of your life show that you are currently on the path of the wise, or the path of the fool? Both paths have destinations. One leads to eternal life, and the other to eternal destruction. Are you really on the one you think you are on?

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