Eliezer Of Damascus: The Servant Worshipper

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[Read Genesis Chapter 24 After The Devotion]

Abraham, the man of faith, is nearing death. Before he passes to be with the fathers that have come before him, he wants to see his son Isaac marry a woman from his own country. He appoints his most trusted servant to embark on a journey to bring back a wife for Isaac.

Chapter 24 does not give this servant a name. The text simply says he is Abraham’s senior servant, the one in charge of all that he (Abraham) had. The cross-reference in my bible point me to Genesis 15:2. That text tells me that Abraham’s chief servant, the one who would have inherited the estate if Issac had not been born, was none other than Eliezer of Damascus.

lrebekahEliezer of Damascus is a servant worshipper. No doubt he learned all about the God of Israel from walking alongside his master Abraham all these years. Eliezer trusts the Lord, and chapter 24 gives multiple examples of this servant worshipper. See if you can find examples of his faith in the text.

[Read Chapter 24]

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