Faith Which Bypasses Means Of Grace


[Read Genesis Chapter 23]

Abraham is a man of noble character. He refused to except the goods of Sodom from the hand of the king, least the king say he made Abraham rich. Now he refuses to except a burial plot of land for his wife Sarah without paying full price. This parcel of land is the only piece of property Abraham has ever owned. And it is significant because it gives Abraham’s descendants from hereafter the rights of Canaan land.

We talk lots today of means of grace. That God uses means through which he works and blesses his children. Abraham used this method previously when he tried to gain an heir through Sarah’s servant Hagar. This method did not go well for Abraham, so instead he waits for God to open doors for him which bypasses the natural ways and schemes of man.

It is so very hard in our culture to act upon the same faith of Abraham. We have doctors, lawyers, bosses, government officials, and insurance programs; all whom God surely works through. Yet Abraham has learned to wait one hundred years if he has to for God to make good on a promise. We can learn so much from our father Abraham.

2 comments on “Faith Which Bypasses Means Of Grace”

  1. Scott,

    What are some practical situations you see that we can apply this example of Abraham, in our daily experiences.

    1. Well friend, good question. An honest response on my part is simply that we as a family are still trying to figure out what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. The benefit Abraham had is that God spoke directly to him in an audible voice. When he was going to sacrifice his son Isaac, and angel of the Lord shouted to him from heaven in a voice that could be heard. The benefit we have is that all of Scripture has been spoken already and we have God’s completed cannon of words. So where does that leave us as followers of Christ today? My guess is somewhere in the middle. We thank God, and give him glory through every means under heaven. And we step out in faith, and act upon the promises he has already given us in his Word.

      You asked for a practical situation from our daily experiences. It seems to me that Abraham refused anything from the hand of an unbeliever unless he earned, worked for, or purchased it somehow. He accepted no gifts from unbelievers least they could say they played some part in Abraham’s prosperity. He wanted all glory to go to God for either prospering his own hand through work, or by a sovereign gift of God. Either way, the Lord received the glory. That was Abraham’s chief concern. What does that look like practically? That might be a hard pill to swallow considering the gifts you and I have both received in the past. Abraham clung to a promise, and then refused for that promise to be answered in any other way then by his own effort, or by God’s sovereign intervention. He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

      I know that is not an answer, but it might be something to chew on for a while. On a different note, I have taken the kids out fishing three times this winter, and we have been skunked every time. I think we need you to return so we might find a bucket of fish again. Miss you brother!


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