God’s Sovereign Choice To Choose

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[Read Genesis Chapter 21]

In this chapter, Abraham and Sarah give birth to their promised son Issac. Abraham is one-hundred years old when this happens. After Isaac is weaned from his mother, Hagar’s son Ishmael (now about sixteen years old) begins mocking either Isaac, Sarah, or both. This upsets Sarah so much that she commands her husband Abraham to get rid of the slave woman and her son. This grieves Abraham greatly. God comes to this man of God and assures him that Ishmael will be made into a great nation. He tells him to listen to his wife Sarah and rid their family of Hagar and the young man Ishmael.

Election can be a hard pill to swallow. On the surface, it seems wrong of God to be so unkind to this slave woman and her son. What is helpful for me to remember is that no person deserves God’s kindness at all. We all are born sinners in Adam, and are sinners by choice. All people deserve God’s frown and his judgement. It is grace alone that he would set his love upon any person, let alone a whole nation of people. He chose Isaac over Ishmael period. He did so for a greater purpose than simply to show temporary kindness to a boy and his mother. He did so to make good on his promise. His promise to preserve a line in which a King shall be born who would crush the head of the serpent! This greater kindness is for any who would come to the Son for forgiveness and eternal life. Won’t you come today?



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