The Innocent Blood Of Jesus

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[Read Genesis Chapter 19]

maxresdefaultIt’s interesting as you read this chapter that Lot is hospitable to the angels in the same way that Abraham was. The one difference seems to be that Abraham rallied his servants and his wife to help, whereas Lot alone served and prepared the meal. This may be telling of the families of both men.

This is a disturbing chapter to say the least. After the men of Sodom try to bang down Lot’s door so they might rape the male angels; the messengers of God make this statement:

We are about to destroy this place, because the outcry against its people has become great before the Lord, and the Lord has sent us to destroy it. -Genesis 19:13

What exactly is this outcry to the Lord? Abraham plead with the Lord not to destroy the city. God tells Abraham that he would not destroy it if there were at least 10 righteous people who dwelled inside it’s borders. Destruction is now coming upon Sodom, so God has weighed the hearts of the people and not found a total of 10 righteous persons.

James chapter 5 tells us that a group of rich folks were about to find themselves in judgment. Poor folks had been working hard for the rich, and the rich were not paying. These poor folks were crying out to the Lord for justice and he heard their cries. It does not appear that there were any righteous persons in Sodom who would have been crying out to the Lord for justice. So again, I ask; where was the outcry coming from?

Genesis chapter 4 tells of another type of cry that comes before the Lord. Abel was murdered by his brother Cain. After he had been killed, there was a witness who began crying up to heaven for justice. That witness was the blood of Abel resonating through the ground and reflecting his cry to the throne room of heaven.

My guess is that Sodom was destroyed, not only because of their rampant homosexual sin, but because they were a murderous people. And the blood from the murdered was crying out to God for justice.

2000 years ago, God poured out the flood of his wrath upon the innocent sacrifice of his son Jesus. Jesus’ blood was shed upon the ground of Calvary. His blood was the ultimate declaration of justice served! His blood washes away all sin and declared the sinner justified by faith in his precious and complete sacrifice.

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