How Far Would You Go To Rescue Those You Love

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[Read Genesis Chapter 14]

Chapter 14 tells a war story of four kings against five. The four-kinged alliance defeats the five, taking captive the spoils of the land, along with men, women, and children. One of the families that were taken captive was Abram’s nephew Lot.

A man escapes, flees to Abram, and tells all that had happened. Abram gathers 318 trained men that were with him and attacks the prison camp at night. He defeats these four kings and brings both spoil and people back to their home land.

When Abram enters the King’s Valley, he is greeted by the King of Sodom, and the King-Priest of Salem [Jerusalem] named Melchizedek. Melchizedek blesses Abram with these words:

Blessed by Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And praise be to the God Most High who delivered your enemies into your hand.

Abram affirms the words of Melchizedek, establishes a tithe, and offers this king a tenth of all the spoil. The king of Sodom asks Abram if he can have his people back, but offers to let him keep the spoil. By Abram’s defeat of the four kings, he has shown himself worthy of a kingly status in the land. Abram wants no part in the spoil of Sodom. He tells the king that he does not want any credit or glory to go anywhere other than the God Most High.

How far would you go to rescue those whom you love?

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