210 Inches Of Rain Per Hour

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[Read Genesis Chapter 7]


Mt. Ararat in Turkey stands at 16,854 feet. The Bible tells us that it rained on the earth for 40 days, covering the tallest mountain by 15 cubits (about 23 feet). So the total depth of water on the earth seems to be around 16,877 feet. Dividing that number by the total days tells us it rained an average of 422 feet per day, or 17.5 feet/210 inches per hour. That’s 3.5 inches of rain per minute. What a devastating and horrific flood this must have been!

It grieves my heart to ponder what it must have been like to be there. The scores and scores of animals and people that would have been trying in vain to keep their heads above water. Many surely would have had the strength to swim for a time, even through the turbulent waters. Yet there was no chance they could continue swimming for 150 days till the first mountain top was visible. Noah and his family were shut in the ark a total of 370 days. It would have been a hard and trying time for this family of God. Yet sealed in the ark, they were safe and preserved.

Being in Christ can be hard and trying at times. Yet the blood of Christ has sealed us safely from a judgement of God like the one brought so many years ago upon this earth.

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