Descendants From Adam

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[Read Genesis Chapter 5]


Genesis chapter 5 begins with Adam and ends with Noah. It tells of nine main descendants through this blood line. The seventh from Adam has the most unique story. Whether the Lord plans a special ending to the life of Enoch because he is the seventh descendant (like the seventh day of creation; a day of rest) or because of his faithful life, I do not know.

Enoch’s pilgrimage does not end in death, but rather eternal life. He, like the others, marries and has children. The child named most significant from his line is Methuselah, who lives on this earth longer than any other recorded person in the Bible. Enoch’s paragraph does not conclude with the phrase then he died; but rather tells he was no more, because God took him away. Enoch never experienced the pains of death. He was escorted strait from earth to eternal life in heaven without going through the valley of death.

Even in the midst of man’s rebellion, God is faithful to preserve a line of descendants. The Lord will make good his promise to bring forth an offspring from Eve that will one day crush the head of the serpent.

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