The First Six Days Of Creation

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[Read Genesis Chapter 1]

d90ca-clouds_outer_space_planets_desktop_1680x1050_hd-wallpaper-1067937Theories abound regarding the origin of our world. The rub comes when one tries to give authentic true-blue evidence for everything’s existence. How exactly does something come from nothing? How then could everything come from nothing? A big bang without a Big Banger seems irrational to me.

The world need not be confused over our origin. The Bible tells us of an amazingly powerful and wise God who created all the world by speaking it into existence. Can you fathom the knowledge one must have to create the sun, the earth, or the human being?

This first chapter in the Bible is intended to fill you and I with trust and confidence. It is intended to fill you with a sense of value and perspective. You were created in the very image of our Creator! And as image-bearers, he extends his authority to us so we might have wise and loving dominion over it all.

Everything the Lord made in those first six days were very good. Human beings, formed in the very image of God, were declared to be very good. This is our origin.

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