Godly Contentment 

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“But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” –1 Timothy 6:6–7

Our fighter verse for the week is 1 Timothy 6:6–7. It teaches the great gain that comes through godly contentment. Why? Because this life is not where we expect our greatest gain to come from. We live our entire lives gathering and collecting things of supposed gain. But in the end, all will be left here. It’s like the man who was adamant he be buried with all his money so that he could take it with him. His wife on the other hand decided it would be best if she just wrote a check for his full worth and placed it in the coffin with him.

We cannot take any earthly object with us when we pass from this world. The greatest gain we can gather here is not something physical, but rather spiritual. It is the gift of redemption symbolized by the blood of Christ. This is the gift we can take with us when we pass from this world. The believers greatest gain comes after he or she passes from this life and into the eternal. The unbeliever on the other hand gets his best life now. I suppose it is better for them to gain all he can now because it is the closest to heaven he or she will ever get; and likewise the closest to hell for the believer.

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