A Teacher Who Gives Tests

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A Teacher Who Gives Tests

As I read Matthew chapter 4 this morning, I am reminded of how often the Lord tests his followers. Israel was tested forty years in the wilderness. Jesus was tested 40 days in the wilderness. Job was tested. Adam and Eve were tested in the garden. And the church in Smyrna was tested for ten days in Revelation 2. We learn in James that God never tempts anyone, but uses trials as a means of testing our faith. God is a teacher who gives tests.

Jesus is the perfect example of a test taker. He was tested (like Adam and Eve) face to face by the devil. But he responded every time by quoting Scripture. The third time Jesus says it is written, he follows it by commanding Satan to flee his presence.

Jesus is more than a perfect example of a test taker. We are surely to learn from him that we ought to always keep our minds filled with the Word of God because tests are sure to come. But we also must know that Jesus took the test of life earning a perfect 100% score. He is willing to apply his test score to your life in the courtroom of heaven. He does this through faith alone in his person and work alone. You need not ever fear failing the test of life. Jesus has passed the test for everyone who trusts him.

God is a teacher who gives tests. Jesus is our Savior who passed them.

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