A Change Of Direction For This Blog

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I have decided yet again to change directions on this blog. I am sorry to those of you who have stuck by me since the beginning, and have had to put up with all of my changes. There are a couple of reasons why I am making another change. First, I am not so sure that many people are using this blog as a daily source for their devotions. The views each day are very low and I’m not so sure the minimal fruit is worth the effort. The second and main reason is personal. This trajectory that I am on does not seem to be benefiting me and my family spiritually as much as I would like. I have missed reading theology books and studying the Scriptures through the content put forth through such resources. Currently my mornings consist of meditating through a small portion of Scripture, and then writing a short blog. I listen to the Bible while I am driving to work. I am looking to up my intake of truth so that I might grow spiritually at a faster rate then I currently am. This is the main reason for the change.

With all that said, I do still plan to write. However it will not be every day, and most likely will not be devotional like my current writings. I have read bits and chunks from John Frame, but have not systematically read through one of his works. I plan to begin tomorrow with his Systematic Theology book and see what might flow out of my brain and fingers as the weeks move on. I hope you will continue to check in from time to time as I pray the content will become richer and more helpful to the cause of Christ!

Much love,


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