The Cause Behind All Weather: Job 37

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(Read Job chapter 37 as a family)

These are the last of words we will hear from the friends of Job. Elihu has one more point to make, and it is that God is majestic in his sovereign glory over his creation.

This chapter shows forth that God is sovereign over the weather. He speaks of snow and rain, lighting and thunder. We once attended a church where the Pastor taught that God did not control the weather. This was appalling to us. We may want to dismiss the hurricane that kills thousands of people as simply a natural disaster, or a work of satan. We even see here throughout the book of Job that satan brought high winds and fire from heaven. But it was only after God stretched out his hand and gave satan that temporary authority that it happened.

Elihu tells us in verse 13 that all of these “natural disasters” are caused by God for one of three reasons; for correction, for his land, or for love.

“Whether for correction or for his land or for love, he causes it to happen.” (Job 37:13)

Many people try and read the “tea leaves” when it comes to natural disasters. They will read about the tsunami that wipes out a hundred thousand people and declare that it was God’s judgement upon the land. Job 37:13 teaches us that it might just as well be the judgement of God upon that land. But it might simply be for the land alone. He loves his creation and might have a purpose higher than what we might know for the actual landscape of that area. Or he may bring the tsunami upon the land out of love. Which is it? How can I know?

What we do know is that there is purpose behind all that happens in our world. God is the cause behind all of it and we can trust he has good intentions because he “is” good. He always, and in every circumstance does what is good; for he can do no other.

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