Coming And Believing In JESUS

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…‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’ –John 6:35 (memory verse)

Jesus is the source of sustenance and eternal life. He desires to forever and always be needed and so calls forth whomever wants to come, come. He proclaims himself as the great I AM of both the Old Testament and the New. And these things are given to whoever comes and believes.

Notice first that coming to Jesus precedes belief in Jesus. He does not call us to believe and trust upon him without evidence. He bids those who want to come to first simply come. And after seeing, hearing, and experiencing Jesus; then belief is to follow. Coming to Jesus is the normal word that simply means come. Belief in Jesus is faith and or trust, coupled with action (true faith obeys). But the object of both verbs is the person of Jesus.

It is common in our society to believe all faiths are equally true and valid. As long as we have faith we’re good to go. Yet Jesus tells us only those who come and believe in Him will be given the destination of heaven; the place where we shall never hunger or thirst.

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