Jesus The Bread Of Life

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Memory Verse For June 21, 2015

…‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’ –John 6:35

Jesus had just fed a multitude of people by giving them bread. These folks did not earn their bread, they were just given it miraculously by Jesus. These people follow Jesus and ask him for more bread. They tell him that if he provides bread for them like Moses did in the wilderness, they will believe upon him. Jesus says to them that he IS the bread of life. Much like the manna in the wilderness was given to sustain Israel’s physical life; Jesus was given to the world to sustain, and give them eternal life.

When Jesus says that whoever believes in him shall not hunger or thirst, he does not intend for us to believe he will never let his children die of physical hunger or thirst.

In verse 33 he tells us that the bread of God came down from heaven to “give life to the world.” Then in verse 40 he says the life he gives is “eternal life,” and that those receiving it will be “raised up by him on the last day.”

The point Jesus is making in our memory verse is that those who come to Jesus, who believe upon him, will be given the gift of eternal life. Those given this gift will be raised up on the last day to experience at eternity where hunger and thirst shall never be known again. He will meet every need of ours for eternity! This gift is for “whoever believes” in Jesus.

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