Whirling An Argument At God

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  • Read Job 22–23

In chapter 23 verse 4, Job says that he wants to lay his case before God, and would fill his mouth with arguments. Below is the Hebrew definition of the word “argument” :

tôḵaḥaṯ: A feminine noun meaning a rebuke, a correction, a reproof, an argument. The primary thrust of this word is that of correcting some wrong.

It appears Job is under the assumption that he has been wronged by God. He attributes all of his suffering to the Lord and gives no thought that there could be another source who could bring such affliction. That being the case, he desires to stand in God’s courtroom and argue his case of innocence at the bar; bold indeed. At the end of the book, God gives Job the opportunity to present his case. Job does not however take up the task, and instead places his hand upon his mouth in repentance and shame.

How many times have you felt that you deserved better circumstances than you were receiving? Maybe your home life is a wreck with a distant husband and rebellious kids. Maybe you are not appreciated at work the way you think you should be. Maybe your parents are harsh, and seem to have no idea what it’s like to live as a teenager. Maybe, just maybe, God would alter your circumstances if you had an opportunity to argue your case before him. Should you give it a whirl?

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