Hindered Meditation 

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  • Read Job 15

Eliphaz and his friends begin their second barrage of assaults seeking for Job to confess the sin that they believe is the cause of his suffering.

Job 15:4 But you are doing away with the fear of God and hindering meditation before God.

 I am rather doubtful that verse 4 actually applies to Job in his current condition. It is however a verse that deserves our meditation. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7). Those who forsake the fear of God cut themselves off from the source and sustenance of wisdom. If they sever themselves from this fountain of fear, they hinder any meditation or communion with God through Christ. The image is quite frightening; you come before the throne of God to speak with him about some issue upon your mind. As you open your mouth and begin to utter your words no noise comes out at all. It shocks you at first so you begin to speak louder. Still no noise. You begin to panic and your words turn to screams. The throne room floor begins to sink. You start sliding, slowly at first, from the presence of God. Your screams get more and more intense as you slide farther and faster away. You get one last glimpse of God before you fall off a cliff forever and can see he is still unaware of any sound from you at all. You had done away with the fear of God and now are paying an eternal price. Your mediation has been forever hindered. You are a cut off and no help will come.

(Questions for the kids)

When we don’t have an eternal perspective, it can be easy to float through life thinking all is well. We might not even know anything is wrong in our relationship with God until something goes wrong in our life and we call out to him. It is in those times we will reap what we have sown.

  1. What is the fear of God?
  2. How might a person do away with the fear of God?
  3. Have you done that in the past, or are you doing that now?
  4. Do you understand the consequences for this choice?

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