Though He Slay Me

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Though He Slay Me

“Though he slay me, I will hope in him;” (Job 13:15a ESV).

This cry from Job could have just as easily been spoken from the mouth of Jesus. On the cross, Jesus was slain by his father. “It was the will of the Lord to crush him (Jesus)” Isaiah 53:10a. Jesus, like Job, could hope in no other. If it be the father’s will to crush me, then crushed I shall be; for whom else shall I hope in, where else shall I go, or what else shall I do?

When we lost our son Justus, we were crushed. My beloved wife felt as though she had been slain. So many emotions, so many thoughts, so much passion flows in and through a mother who holds life in her womb. Then in an instant to find out that life has been taken from you destroys something deep inside the broken mommy. Karie felt slain. But, just as Job hoped in God, just as Jesus hoped in his Father; my beloved hoped in the only one who could raise the dead. She knew that she could not fill herself with hope. She knew that she could not raise her sorrowing soul to life once again. She was slain, and needed to be raised by the only one who has the power to bring life from death.

Morning by morning Karie went to the Word of God looking for her Lord. Months of looking, months of seeking, searching, and crying; he came. “Those who seek, find.” Be encouraged suffering saint whomever you are. God is never far from the broken hearted. Keep crying, keep seeking, keep searching for God through His Word. He will be found by you. Where else shall you go? Whom else shall you hope? Though he slay you, yet you will hope in HIM.

Though He Slay Me, Shane And Shane

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