Questioning The Character Of God

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Questioning The Character Of God

Read Job 10 as a family:

Job seems to be in a state of agony and confusion. He solely believes in this principle I mentioned in an earlier post called The Retribution Principle. Job thinks that he must be suffering under the hand of God because of his sin, yet he knows of no sin that would warrant such extreme treatment from the hand of God. In all of his questioning he does not let go of his trust upon the Lord, even though he again says things he will need to repent of later on. Verse 3 is an example:

Does it seem good to you to oppress, to despise the work of your hands and favor the designs of the wicked?

He thinks that God favors the designs of the wicked? Hmm… When suffering comes upon us, we can learn so much from the life of Job. He never gives up his trust in the Lord. He has an extreme belief in the sovereignty of God over all of creation. And we see that it is acceptable and common for those who suffer to question the character of God. Job doesn’t understand. He wonders from God “why you contend against me,” (verse 2) and “why did you bring me out from the womb” (verse 18).

You and I can simply trust upon the Lord in our suffering. Job did not have the complete cannon of Scripture before him while he sat in dust and ashes. He experienced God in ways you and I will probably never have the same opportunity. Yet we get the privilege of reading his story. We also get the privilege of reading the story of Job’s Redeemer Jesus. Jesus suffered more than the physical and emotional pain of Job. He was forsaken by God for a brief moment of time on the cross. He drank the full measure of the ocean of God’s wrath for us. He then turned over the cup and declared it is finished!

Questions for the kids:
1. When we have been through times of suffering, have you found yourself questioning the character of God?
2. I mentioned above two questions that Job asks God (why does God contend with him, and why did God bring him out of the womb). Because we have the complete cannon of Scripture, can you answer those questions for Job?
3. What did Jesus accomplish when he declared “it is finished”?

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