What A Friend We Have In Bildad

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What A Friend We Have In Bildad

Read Job chapter 8 as a family

I am fairly sure that no current recording artists are beating down the studio doors to record the song What A Friend We Have In Bildad. This man comes on the scene with brash and forceful words. He doesn’t appear to have any discretion over his words as works based theology pours out from his lips.

He insinuates in verse 4 that all of Job’s children have been killed because they have sinned against the Lord. He says they have been delivered into the hand of their transgression. This is a hurtful thing to say to a friend who has just lost all ten of his kids. Not only that, he tells Job that if he was pure and upright, God would rouse himself and restore the fortunes Job has lost because of his sin. He says near the end of the chapter that God does not reject a blameless man, inferring both Job and his kids were filled with sin.

We can have a tendency to be insensitive and brash with our words like Bildad. This can happen both when our hearts are not right, and when we do not place ourselves in the shoes of another. We are called to do unto others as we would want them to do unto us. If we would be more conscious of this truth in our day to day lives, we might stop speaking insensitive things to others.

Questions for the kids

  1. Can you think of a time when you spoke harsh and insensitive words to another? Tell me about this time.
  2. I think it can be especially easy for older children and adults to speak harsh words to little children. Have you done this recently? Should you seek repentance and forgiveness from both them and God?

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