Getting Back To Family Devotions


Last night I preached my conference message on the providence of God in human pain. It was the hardest message I have ever prepared for and surely the hardest to deliver. I will be posting a link when it is available at our church’s website. I am glad to be done with that task. Thank you so very much for all of your prayers for our family during our loss of our daughter Mercy.

My current plan for this blog is to get back to doing family devotions. Some of the things I have written since the loss of our daughter have been geared more toward you and I as adults and not towards my own children. I see this as a lack in my own leadership and plan to correct it in the immediate future. It might be easier for me to prepare family lessons without blogging them, but I will attempt to keep writing for now. My priority will be to lead and shepherd in the immediate sphere where God has placed me, being my family and my church. It may be that it will not include the broader internet world in the future, but that remains uncertain to me as of now. May our sovereign Lord bless your day!


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