Natural Disasters

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Some of the things that we would commonly call natural disasters are wind and fire related. Tornados, hurricanes, and lightning strikes, are all things we might say are natural disasters that are birthed from a fallen creation. Yet in the book of Job we see that those things happen as a direct result of God allowing Satan to hold Job in the palm of his hand. We would have no problem associating God with the beauty of a morning sunrise. But to see him as the cause of a crushing wind descending upon a house full of children who will not live to see another day is at first appalling. Does Satan cause the wind to descend upon the house? Yes indeed. Did God place the house full of children in the hand of Satan to do as he pleased? Yes indeed. Who is to blame? Who is the cause? What is the purpose? Did Job bring this about because he was the most upright person in all of the land? Did Satan begin the process by inciting God against Job? Did God start the whole thing by raising the question “have you considered my servant Job?”

These are hard questions that get at the heart of pain and suffering. Job suffered this extreme pain and suffering. And from what we read, it began by God raising the first question to the devil himself. Have you considered my servant…?

There is no comfort in thinking that I am just a victim of chance amidst my suffering. There is no comfort in thinking that the devil is simply having his way with me while God is passive. No, comfort comes by knowing that my life rests completely under the providential hand of an almighty God who is for me and not against me. A God who is working out everything in the life of his followers for their own good and God’s glory. There is mystery here indeed. But my King is on his throne working, sifting and allowing that which will benefit me in the end. 

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