Having An Opportunity To Grieve


Suffering is hard. It’s not only hard for the sufferers, but for those who are willing to descend into the abyss out of love. My children were able to come and grieve in their own way for Mercy. It was a sweet time of saying goodbye to their sister.

Karie’s mom was the first to hold Mercy when they arrived. She said that she had been praying she would have the chance to hold her baby granddaughter. She said over and over again how Mercy was so beautiful.


I then brought Mercy over to Rylee. She hesitated for a brief moment, but then fully embraced her sister in love.


Sammy then had the chance to hold Mercy. I took a few pictures of them but none really are fitting to post.

Ali scooped up Mercy in her arms and began smelling her and kissing her on the head.


Ali and Rylee hugged and comforted one another.


This is our last picture as a family of seven.


Here is Karie and I mourning the loss of Mercy right after the delivery. The pictures don’t do justice to the level of emotion and trauma during this time.




On a lighter note. Here are some snapshots of our special little girl Mercy. Thank you all so much.






11 comments on “Having An Opportunity To Grieve”

  1. We are mourning with you. Thank you for letting us in, for sharing these moments, for sharing your daughter. It’s a privilege to walk with you and to love your baby girl.

  2. Loving you all and praying for you in Alabama.

    God’s tender grace be upon each of you.

    I’m thanking God for Mercy’s beautiful little life. She was a masterpiece from the Hand of God, and I’m mourning her loss along with you.

    Love in Jesus, Ruthanne


  3. Scott, Karie and family, we are so sorry for your loss of little “Mercy”; our hearts are grieving with you. We pray that our GOD of all comfort will sustain you now and in the days to come! Know that HIS loving arms are around you holding you tight! We rejoice in the LIFE of little “Mercy” and we rejoice knowing that GOD has healed her and made her completely whole! Soon you will be reunited and we will all be with the Lord forever! Sending lots of hugs and prayers!!!! We love you dear brother and sister!!

  4. We are friends with the Mindrups and have been following your blog. Prayers for your sweet family. May the Lord cover you in His tender grace and continue to prove Himself faithful as you walk through this valley of death. “Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side. Bear patiently the cross of grief and pain. Leave to thy God to order and provide. In every storm He faithful will remain.”

  5. The words that come to my mind are the beautiful words of Ron Hamiltons song , I know God makes no mistakes. He leads in every path I take along the way that’s leading me to Home, though at times my heart would break there’s a purpose in every change He makes, so that others would see my life and know that God makes no mistakes. What a wonderful example your family is.How precious to know that little Mercy is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Praying for His comfort for your family.

  6. THANK YOU for sharing these pictures, Scott! They are so precious. I (and my family) have been praying for you all day, and will continue. Please keep us posted with prayer requests as you are able. May the LORD carry you with His strong arms.

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