Passing Time In Laughter, Fellowship, And Prayer



At 8:00 pm., Karie was given a certain medicine to slowly get the process started. She had to lay for two hours while the medicine took effect. This would have normally been grouling because of Karie’s discomfort. The time passed quite quickly though because four of Karie’s friends came by. We spent 2–1/2 hours telling stories, reflecting, laughing, crying, and then beseeching the throne of grace in prayer. It was a very sweet and encouraging time. They left at 10:45 pm.

It is now 11:00. The doctor came by to check things out and found there has not been much progress thus far. They are going to give Karie some relaxing medicine to help her sleep for a few hours. The tentative plan is for the doctor to break her water around 7:00 am. Providentially we are hoping that our children will be able to come moments after Mercy is born.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements. We feel hemmed in by the cords of grace.

11:18 pm. 1–22–15.

3 comments on “Passing Time In Laughter, Fellowship, And Prayer”

  1. Keeping your family before the face of God this evening…praying for relief from discomfort, quick delivery, precious moments with your sweet Mercy, and rest for your souls.

  2. I have been praying for you through the night. I know the peace the Lord can give in a time like this and I am praying for a double portion for you. My heart cries for you and rejoices, for she will see her Lord.

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