I Think, No I Thought She’s Gone

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At 9:30 Karie lay quiet on her bed with her hands cradling her tummy. She was pushing on either side trying to feel some resistance from Mercy. She then said “I think she is gone.” I came to her side and was overcome with emotion for the first time since we were admitted. I thought, how sweet of God to take her quietly like that. In the moment I really thought she was gone. We called in the nurse and she was kind enough to listen for a heartbeat. To our surprise, 153 solid beats per minute resonated through the machine on Karie’s side. I was able to record the sweet sound on my phone.

We started Pitocin at 10:45 am. They bumped it up to the second level at 11:30. Currently Karie is resting very calm and quiet. Chrissy is feeding her baby girl and will be heading out to grab lunch and a coffee for us soon. We are thankful that our dear friend from Kentucky is here. I know that it is a sacrifice on many people’s account. God is so kind to us.

Necole (our current nurse) is very open to talk about the Lord. She told me she sees such evidence of God’s grace upon our lives. She said it is obvious through the support she sees through God’s people. May God get all the glory through every ache, tear, and praise.

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