I Can Breathe, I Can Breathe

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Karie’s water was broken at about 7:40 this morning. It is so nice to see her comfortable again. She keeps saying over and over, “I can breathe, I can breathe.”

She has curled herself back onto the bed and is enjoying the comfort of the moment. We have decided to wait on administering medicine to induce the delivery and just see if her body naturally progresses on its own.

Chrissy is here with us. We have a small selection of songs continually playing in the background. Our nurse last night was very seasoned and sweet. At 7:00 this morning we had a change to Necole. She is also so sweet and has the experience of 20 years. God is caring for us through so many means.

I anticipate the progress to be slow for a while.

After Karie’s water was broken, I was able to feel Mercy moving around in a stronger way than before. Rest sweetly beloved Mercy. Our time of carrying you will soon end. It is almost time for her to be carried into the arms of the One who holds all of creation in the palm of His hands. His arms are big, strong, and gentle. As I look at my beloved resting comfortably, I can’t help picture both her and Mercy being cradled in the loving arms of Jesus. He is for us and not against us. Did you know that? “For the Bible tells me so…”

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