That’s A Big Tummy


We sit in the parking lot dreading to enter the hospital. My beloved wife asked me if we could linger a while before we entered. I told her I could write a blog post. She asked me if it could be a long one.

An hour ago we were at the clinic consulting with our doctor. Karie lay back on the table so she could be checked out. Our doctor took out his measuring tape and stretched it across by beloved’s belly. The doctor exclaimed, “that’s a big tummy.” This, coming from a doctor who delivers babies for a living. Karie measured 42 weeks pregnant. Yep, it’s a big tummy.

We asked our doctor what his best guess was for a delivery time. He guessed it would be in the middle of the night tonight. We weren’t really expecting that.

We have had some very encouraging emails from our beloved friends. One such email encouraged Karie to have the freedom to be weak. This blessed her and me very much.

We have lingered long enough. Karie sits next to me with her eyes closed, quietly speaking to Jesus. We need him so very much.

Trusting, Resting, Clinging.


4 comments on “That’s A Big Tummy”

  1. We love you and are praying for the whole family. The lord will keep her safe until you meet in heaven. His plans are hard to understand at times but believe in him, he will hold little mercy in his arms and they together along with justice will watch over the family. We love you all very much.

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