Gifts For Mercy

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This weekend we began gathering gifts for Mercy from each of the kids. Karie asked Sammy what he would like to give his sister. He pondered for a moment and then said he was going to give Mercy his Cheerio car.


Sammy also drew a nice little picture for her.


Elsa decided she liked the idea of a picture and so made her own for Mercy.


Elsa then ran into her room and wanted to give Mercy her little stuffed animal named Tickles. As she was doing that, Rylee begins whining from the piano bench that Tickles was really her stuffed animal. She conceded and loosened her grasp.


Rylee was the first child to bring her gift to Mercy. It brought a sweet smile to all of us.


Ali’s gift is an overflow of her artistic ability. We were given the gift of an urn from a Christian man. Ali’s gift is the markings on the lid of Mercy’s urn. She has not finished with it yet. She intends to wood burn Mercy’s name, the date, and Micah 6:8.



Micah 6:8…love Mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

A few more days to go and we shall meet our baby girl.

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