Pleading For The Widow

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Pleading For The Widow

Isaiah 1:17 learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

An opportunity just landed on our lap to plead the widow’s cause. Maybe the details of this statement will be fleshed out in a later post. For now it suffices to say that there is a widow that is very close to our heart. I have just spent 30 minutes on the phone listening to her cause. It is a just cause, and much wisdom is needed. Aside of merely council, this opportunity has prompted me to wonder what our responsibility is to the widow. How might I plead the cause of the widow? Why must I plead the cause of the widow?

The why question can simply be because God has commanded it. But why has this command come from God? All commands that come from God, come because they are outflows of his heart. God has a heart for the widow. The widow is a woman who was under authority and under protection by her husband while he was alive. Since his passing, the widow no longer has the protection she once had. The church is intended to function as the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus cares for his bride, and he does this primarily through his church. The church has the responsibility to care for it’s widows as the husband once did. This is both our duty and our joy.

I will be pondering over the coming weeks how I might exactly plead the cause of this widow; but the point is, this is our calling as Christians. God loves the widow and wants to show his love to them through his church.

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