Holy Garden

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My wife and I take turns putting to bed our youngest two children. Every night I put Elsa to bed she asks me to sing “Holy Garden” to her. It is only recent that she has called the song “holy garden,” but we have been singing her the song for years now. Actually, if I try and sing another song, she will listen, and then ask before I leave the room to sing Holy Garden.

Probably a year and a half ago, I had the song on my phone that we had purchased from Sovereign Grace Ministries. The lady that sings the song has such a simple and sweet voice. I would play it for Elsa and she would ask me if that was her momma singing. I never had the heart to tell her it wasn’t, so I would just say something like, “do you think it sounds like your momma?” She would say “uh huh.” And I would follow with something like, “yah, she has a beautiful voice.”

I have not had the song on my phone for about a year. I recall her asking me to play it for her but I would tell her that I did not have it any longer. Well, last night, I found a video on YouTube of the song. Her and I watched it while we lay in her bed. When it finished, I asked her if she liked it. She said, “uh huh;” smiled and then said, “I knew you had that on your phone.”

Please follow the link to watch the video here. HOLY GOD / THE GOSPEL SONG.

P.S. Incase you are having a hard time getting the “holy garden,” language; the words begin “holy God in….” Of which Elsa interprets “holy garden.”

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