Pick Up That Machete And Begin Slicing–God Has Called You To Lead

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Then Samuel brought all the tribes of Israel near, and the tribe of Benjamin was taken by lot. He brought the tribe of Benjamin near by its clans, and the clan of the Matrites was taken by lot; and Saul the son of Kish was taken by lot. But when they sought him, he could not be found. So they inquired again of the Lord, “Is there a man still to come?” and the Lord said, “Behold, he has hidden himself among the baggage.” Then they ran and took him from there. And when he stood among the people, he was taller than any of the people from his shoulders upward. (‭1 Samuel‬ ‭10‬:‭20-23‬ ESV)

Why do we have a tendency to hide ourselves from the responsibility to lead? God has called each and every one of us to lead at some level. Whether you are a husband leading your family, a wife leading her children, or children leading younger children by word and example; we are all called to lead.

A leader looks byond their own comfort level, pushes down the desire to hide, and rushes ahead to cut a path through the thorns. The world says that leaders are not born they are self-made. There may be a level of truth to that, but here in 1 Samuel we see that this leader name Saul was chosen by God to lead; he was far from being a self-made leader. The Israelites had sinned against God by asking for a king to rule over them. Although this displeased the Lord, he did as they asked and raised up a leader from among their countrymen. This future leader was wandering through the land looking for three lost lambs. He did not know where to look any longer so decided to head into town and ask the Prophet named Samuel for help. When Saul approached Samuel, he was shocked to find out that Samuel seemed to be expecting him and invited him to dine at the head of the table receiving the best portion of food. The next day, Samuel anointed Saul's head with oil and told him that God had chosen him to lead the nation of Israel. Days passed and the time came for the future king of Israel to be set apart for his leadership. The name was called, but no Saul was to be found. After much searching, they found Saul hiding among the pile of baggage.

Whether you are a man, woman, or child; God has called you to lead some or many persons that are close to you. Don't hide yourself among the baggage like Saul did. Stand up strait, walk to the front of the line brandishing your freshly sharpened machete and begin cutting your path. You may get scrapes and bruises; you may get pushed and yelled at by those who are following; but press on brother or sister in the Lord; God has called you to lead someone around you.

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