Casting, Casting, Casting Your Cares

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Psalms 55:22 Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

The word “burden” means “that which is given,” or “providentially given.” The word is rendered “burden” because it has to do with “cares.” These cares have been given to us by God. They are individualistic and have to do with the everyday encounters of our life that tend to shake, rattle, and roll us away from our confidence and trust in Jesus.

There are three things in this text that are meant to encourage us and strengthen our confidence and trust in God. The first is the fact already mentioned above; that every care or burden in your life has been providentially given to you from God. They have not been given to you ultimately from your flesh, the world, or the devil. Those things are all servants to the sovereign will and plan of our loving and good God.

The second truth to encourage us is the promise from God that he will “sustain you.” The word means “to be contained” or “held.” It is the way a canning jar holds pickles, or a castle keeps one safe and contained in it's walls. We are to cast our cares upon God because he promises to keep us held, safe, and contained in his wall of protection.

The third flows from the second as it has to do with your “placement” after he has contained you in his protection. He says he will “never allow you to be moved.” If you picture the container you have been placed in to be the castle; then he will never allow the walls to be knocked down, nor the enemy to grab you hostage and brought to a different location. If you picture your container as a canning jar, then he will never allow you to fall off the shelf, or be moved into a neglected and forgotten pantry.

We all have cares and burdens of various kinds. God wants your first reaction to become like a master fisherman when he sees movement on the water. He wants you to cast. Cast that burden upon the still and quite waters of the sustaining grace of Jesus. His waters are deep enough to envelope whatever care you throw upon it. Once you cast it away from the boat, cut the line and watch it sink slowly out of sight. If God wants to bring it to the surface again, know that he has a good purpose for doing so.

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