Saturday Mercy Update

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Things have been going as well as can be expected considering all that is happening. Karie seems to be at a place of peaceful sorrow. There is this sweet trust that seems to glow out from my beloved wife and I am so thankful for God’s presence that is evident. I am so grateful to all of you (his people) who are praying. I am sure that the pleadings before the throne of grace is one of the main sources of her strength. So be blessed people of his pasture, for you efforts are not in vain. He hears the prayers of his people.

We have had a few cards trickle in here and there. We have been corporately prayed for during our Sunday worship service for the past three weeks I think. Karie still receives emails from some of you that are such encouragements. She received a book from a dear friend called Mom Enough. She started reading it and has been shedding tears nearly every time she opens it’s pages. You can order the paper version of the book from Desiring God HERE. Or they are offering the book electronically for free HERE. I downloaded the free version to my phone and plan to listen to it in my text reader on Monday.

Yesterday we had breakfast with a Pastor and his wife who serve at a church in Kentucky. They were in Minnesota visiting family and took the time to contact us for coffee and fellowship. How incredibly sweet our time was. They went through a terrible trial of losing there 17 year old son somewhere around 19 years ago. As they shared their story and the grace of God in the midst, it brought strength and encouragement to our hearts. They evidenced to us that God has a greater purpose for our trials. Looking back upon trials, they assured us that God works it out for a greater and grander story that was not able to be seen during the trial. This dear woman of God expressed sweet emotion, comfort, and words of wisdom to my beloved who’s heart was so encouraged through our meeting. They gave us a book to read called Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges.

We have an appointment with our midwife this coming Thursday. Karie has not expressed any anxiety yet about it. Sammy got to feel Mercy press his hand one time last night. He liked it so much, he put both hands on his mommy’s tummy and began pushing fervently saying, “wake up Mercy, wake up.” It was sweet and I am so thankful he got to feel his sister at least once.

God is good. He mercies are new and fresh every morning. We are experiencing a deeper trust in him that may be growing to a level we have not yet climbed to.

Thank you again for your continued sacrifice of prayer. They are a sweet incense before the throne of grace.

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