The Tower Not Built With Human Hands

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The Tower Not Built With Human Hands

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭18‬:‭10‬ NASB)


Thursday afternoon, Karie and I had our first appointment with our midwife since the news of Mercy’s trisomy 13. Karie had been anxious leading up to this meeting, but while we were there, she was composed and appeared fairly relaxed. She didn’t say much, nor have many questions. She told me later that she was unable to speak for fear she would break down. I stepped into the gap of the silence though because I had lots of practical questions. I wanted to know the likelihood of complications for Karie during the delivery, what happens to the body of Mercy after it leaves our sight, and who we need to make arrangements with in the following days. Susan was very helpful to me and I felt better prepared for the coming days after our meeting. It was surprising to us that she did not appear to know as much information as we did from our second ultrasound at the specialist in the cities. Karie recalled for Susan the names of the big words we learned that described Mercy’s anticipated physical features. Susan was unaware of the terms. Karie did not define them for her because she wanted to be told by Susan what those terms meant. Hopefully our appointment next month will be more helpful to Karie to the questions she has.

Leading up to this appointment I had been wanting to have our records transferred to the doctor that delivered our son Justus one year ago. I appreciated how St. John’s Hospital handled us and the honor they gave to his body. We thought they would be better equipped to handle a birth like Mercy’s. Maybe they would, but after speaking with Susan, I am more comfortable proceeding with our midwife. Karie is much more comfortable with this as well, and in the end, that is what matters.

For whatever reason, it seemed better to deliver in a hospital that is known for their high view of life, as oppose to our local Alina hospital. I suppose it is because I wanted us to feel safe and protected in the tower of their building. Neither hospital is the strong tower that we desire to be in. Both are merely brick and mortar. It is only the building with the name of the LORD written on it that is our strong tower. And that building could be either hospital because the tower of the LORD is not built with human hands, but rather always encompasses those whom are hidden in Christ.

Mercy’s heart is still beating away safe in the womb of her mother. 160 beats per minute sounds pretty sweet coming from the tummy of my beloved.

Oh how our family loves Saturdays; I hope you enjoy yours.


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