Bibles In Mercy’s Name

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Please Accept This In The Name Of Mercy 😢

We had a very nice, and emotionally low weekend. Saturday we spent some time as a family raking leaves, cleaning up garden hoses, and getting ready for snow. Sunday (with the advent of daylight savings time) we all were ready for church and itching to get out the door an hour early. The message at church was on the subject of peace. Peace with God, peace with our fellow man, and peace of conscience. We also had communion, and the hymns selection seemed right in tune with our hearts. News moves slower in a church where the majority of folks are not interested in the ways of email and blog posts. This is surely alright. We found that more people seemed to have heard about our trial regarding Mercy. One gentleman who is an Elder and also a Gideon, asked me if he could hand out bibles in the name of Mercy. I thought that was incredibly special as Mercy will never have the chance to hand a person a copy of God’s Word. Simple sweet graces.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Ali (our eldest) will be taking her written test today to hopefully receive her driver’s permit. If you think of it, please pray for her.

May God be near to you today.



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