Blogging From The Valley Of Death

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I am going to take a change of direction in my blog writing for an unknown season of time. The One who holds all things in the palm of his hand has called my family into another season of suffering. I will untie the strands of this mystery in the weeks to come. But for now it is enough to say that the baby girl that is being carried along by my dear wife right now is going to be carried into the arms of Jesus before we ever get to meet her face to face. We found out at our twenty week ultrasound that our baby girl Mercy has Trisomy 13. It is an incredibly rare condition in which she has been given an additional chromosome. This condition makes her incompatable with life, according to the doctors.

I am asking anyone who may read this to please pray for us as we walk through the valley of death once again. It gets dark in this valley, but I know there is light to be found. I must build the bridge between what I feel to what is true.

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