Glue Stick Carrying Christians


Romans 12:9 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

The New Testament claims that the entire law is fulfilled in one word, love; love of neighbor and love of God. But what does genuine love look like? It looks like hating what is evil, and gluing oneself to what is good.

True love is hating what God hates, and what God hates is sin. If you and I are truly in love with God, we will hate the sin in our own lives instead of holding it close to our breast.

Not only does true love for God require that we hate sin, but that we hold fast and cling ourselves to that which is good. To hold fast carries with it the idea of being glued to something. And true Christians are to glue themselves to that which is good.

I have often pondered something that I was doing and determined that it was bad. But I did not find the opposite (the good) so that I could glue myself to it. And because I failed to do this necessary step in true love, I fell right back into the same sin I condemned earlier.

Love fulfills the law. True Christians are to carry glue sticks around in their pockets so that they can adhere themselves to whatever they find that is good.

(Questions for the kids)

  1. How often do you place things in the category of evil?
  2. When you do this, do you proceed to the next step to determine what is conversely good?
  3. And when you do this, do you whip out the glue stick and adhere yourself?


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